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  ★Centrotherm photovoltaics公司太阳能电池以20%的高效率成功获得ISE认证。

  ★在EU PVSEC光伏交易会上,公司将展示涉及整个太阳能产业链上的产品创新与升级。


  ★Centrotherm SiTec公司多晶硅铸锭炉的主要订单来自于台湾

   今年第26届欧洲太阳能光伏会议和展览会(EU PVSEC:9月5日至8日,2011年,汉堡),centrotherm photovoltaics AG公司将展示在太阳能产业链上可以提升效率的技术和系统。由于太阳能电池及组件制造商之间竞争激烈,因此对效率提高与运营成本降低的要求十分迫切。这家全球领先的技术和设备供应商以最先进的生产系统及相应的升级和改造措施来快速响应来自客户的这些需求。

  Solar Cell Module product update

  ";We are on the way to 20 percent cell efficiencies in industrial production。 We have already reached this magic threshold in the laboratory, and we have current ISE certification for a sensational 20。00 percent efficiency level,"; was how Dr。 Peter Fath, CTO at centrotherm photovoltaics AG, expressed his delight at this development。 This peak value was achieved on the basis of centaurus rear side technology developed by centrotherm photovoltaics。 The reference surface area is the industry standard wafer size of 156 mm x 156 mm on mono-crystalline silicon。 ";We will be working flat out on transferring these excellent figures to mass production,"; commented Dr。 Fath。 The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE is Europe';';s largest solar research institution, and is regarded as the leading inspection and certification institution for the photovoltaic sector。


  centrotherm photovoltaics identifies enormous potential in the Solar Cell Module area for both its selective emitter and centaurus rear side upgrade technologies。 Up to 800 of a global total of around 1,000 solar cell production lines can be retrofitted to improve their costs and boost their efficiency。 The centaurus rear side technology is currently being installed at a major Chinese state company with the aim of achieving more than 19 percent cell efficiency in mass production。